Introducing the
Creative Operations Technology Service Reference Model, AKA:
The Creative Operations Stack

The Creative Operations Technology Service Reference Model (COTSRM) is the sum of the software categories and tools used by creative professionals to store, manage, create, and deliver print, video and digital experiences. The COTSRM is a look at all the Domains, Areas and Capabilities which make up the creative stack. The COTSRM is made up of three core domains: Input, Execution, and Output which follow the processes all creative goes through. Execution is made up of three sub domains: Engagement and Operations management, Creation, and Delivery. Like all reference models, the COTSRM is a living breathing thing (if corporations can be people, why not?) and is current thinking. It is not right or wrong, but a best guess based on the knowledge and input from numerous creative technologists. Let us know what you think.