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A simple definition of creative operations is that it is the discipline responsible for increasing timeliness, capacity, and compliance in the creative process. However, it's more than that; creative operations is one of the three legs that make up a modern in-house agency: Creative Services, Account Services, and Creative Operations. Creative operations is the left brain of the creative organization, with a whole bunch of right brain thrown in.

Some of the areas which creative operation encompasses:
- Development and the continuous refinement of end-to-end agency processes
- Digital Operations
- The development, capture, and reporting of operations insights and dashboards
- Annual and Quarterly planning
- Production Management
- Budget Management
- In-House Agency technology – Project Management (MRM), Digital Asset Management, Review & Approval, Dynamic Publishing, Creative Tools, Creative Server, Creative Desktop
- The management of Art Buying and In-house Photographic Services
- The management of Translation, Transcreation, and Localization services
- Studio Services Management
- Input into the development of creative teams, (print, digital, content)
- Collaboration with Marketing Operations
- Partnership with corporate partners: Legal, Finance, HR, Compliance

creativeopsreview.com is a daily blog capturing the comings and goings in the creative operations space. As we develop, we hope to expand with interviews and reviews. Please join us as we work to expand the understanding and importance of the creative operations discipline.

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Chris Ransick

A Call for Content

creativeopsreview is a blog that covers all aspects of creative operations. Coverage includes news, announcements, industry trends, technology, talks and interviews that are of interest to creative operations professionals.

If you are interested in providing:
Tactical advice and tips
How-tos and step-by-step guides
Case Histories
Thought leadership pieces
Strategic pieces on creative operations

Please contact us at: cransick@marketingopsreview.com

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